Indian Herbal Remedies is a well-established Best PCD company in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh since 1989. We are Ayurvedic manufacturers who have helped corporates established successful brands like Distone, Cirrholiv, Anaproct, Musli Plus and tons of other recognizable brands in the market. We only offer quality products to our clients and we are well known for world class quality of ayurvedic medicines and herbal products.

Indian Herbal Remedies is looking for PCD distributors in all major districts in India for PCD franchise based distribution of herbal product on monopoly basis. We are offering an exquisite range of herbal products to our distributors, which are promoted via ethical marketing. Apart from earning good margins, our clients or PCD distributors are engaged in promotion of finest quality of Ayurvedic medicines that has no parallel competition in the market.


If you are looking forward to have your own business of PCD products of Ayurvedic or herbal products in this growing economy, we have the perfect opportunity to fit your purpose.

We have handpicked our most valuable products that we have expertise for more than 25 years to help you start your own business in herbal medicines. Our major PCD product categories are: Anti-oxidant, Natural Lithotriptor ( Kidney Stone Remover ), Hyperacidity reducer, Men’s Sexual Energy, Piles or Hemorrhoids, Liver tonic, Sleeping aid and Joint pain reliever. These are the common products categories that have a huge demand and more products will be introduced very soon.

Benefits of Working as PCD Distributor of Indian Herbal Remedies:

• 100% Result Oriented Research Based Products
• Modern Packaging of Products
• 25 years of trusted herbal products
• GMP Certified facility
• No Drug License required

For PCD Franchise query, Call (0) 90416 90415,