Before the process of third party manufacturing, the order quantity and composition must be finalized as we have to keep in mind the minimum order quantities for the product composition while concluding the order quantity. In the end, there needs to be a confirmation if the manufacturer has the approval for the composition. Once the composition and order is finalized, a quotation has to be raised which includes all the expenses (product cost, packaging material, securities, and other charges for contract manufacturing) that will be incurred. A Drug license number and GST number are documents required to get a product. In some cases, registration number of the company is also required. There are two types of Drug License, one for retail and one for wholesale both of which are issued by the local Food and Drug authorities. The GST number is issued by the government of India, and is required for Third Party manufacturing. In some cases however, documents like non-resemblance certificate is required.

Promotional materials are main marketing tools provided free of cost by the company to medical representatives for everyday sales to promote their product. These are the most proven marketing strategies. Most promotional materials are provided free of cost so that their associates can enjoy a powerful brand and a professional image in the market. For the manufacturing of products, every time products are made, the correct procedure must be followed at each step according to the quality standards set in GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practices). And for the delivery of products the quality standards of WHO (World Health Organisation) have to be followed. The WHO standards are stricter than GMP. It is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with International Public Health and ensures that products are produced and controlled according to the set guidelines.