Guduchi Capsules: Immunity Support

Packaging :  1 Bottle contains : 60 Capsules

Indian herbal remedies/Guduchi-Capsule

Each Capsule contains:
• Extract Tinospora cordifolia   (Guduchi) – 300 mg
• Powder  Tinospora cordifolia   (Guduchi) – 100 mg

Useful in:
• Immunoprotective Agent & Immune system enhancement
• Arthritis and Inflammation
• Gout and rheumatic disorders
• Chronic skin disorders such as psoriasis or eczema and chronic skin irritations
• Hepatitis and jaundice
• Preventing colds, flu, allergies and fever
• Reducing the side effects of chemotherapy drugs
• Regenarate the damaged liver tissues
• Controls Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Level

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