At IHR's production, packing and In-Process Quality Control, our quality control officers identify and resolve quality related problems (product issues, process issues, etc.) and streamline workflow of inspections, documentation and physical space to ensure that there is no cross contamination at each level and the quality of the product is consistent.

Our QC Team conduct inspections required for quality assurance documentation review (WI’s and SOP’s) internally, followed by corrective actions to ensure quality meets company standards.

The Quality Control officer at IHR organises and performs incremental inspections as specified; as well as complete gap analysis’ within documentation and then strategically formulate corrective actions to address deficiencies.

Our Stringent quality control measures ensures that the customer get the product as per specifications and if the specifications are not met properly, we ensure complete audit is done to rectify the problem and find the root cause of the defect to ensure quality is not compromised at all for any product that steps out of our factory gate.