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Our Manufacturing Facility

1) Factory Facade

2) Production Corridors

3) Mass Mixer (100 kg) 

4) Blister Strip Machine

5) Aluminium Strip Machine 

6) Shrink Wrap Machine

7) Induction Sealer Machine

8) Finished Goods Store

9) Capsule Filling Machines. We still use Hand Operated machines because herbal powders are light-weight and have less bulk density. The amount of pressure required can only be achieved through Hand Operated Capsule filling machine and not through SA-9 or any semi-automatic machines which are gravity based filling machines. 

10) Analytical Lab - Hot Oven

11) Analytical Lab - Dhona Balance

12) Oil Manufacturing Section

13) Account Department

14) Carton Packing Room 

15) Bottle Drying Machine

16) Manufacturing Tanks of Oil Section 

17) Oil Filling Section 

18) Filter Press