In IHR, we offer liquid syrup fabricating on 3rd party manufacturing basis as per request of customer’s customized wants and also our own brands of merchandise, that have been already approved by the Himachal Pradesh State Health Ministry. All the formulations have been cautiously designed by Dr. Harish Verma, following years of research and clinical studies. 

We offer READY RANGE of LIQUID SYRUP-PRODUCTS for producing for our Customers. We are one of the pioneers in butter production within the country and extend a wide range of products for small to large scale production needs. Not limited by batch size amount, we may supply to needs of budding entreprenuers as well to do market testing. 

We specialize in the production and packaging of liquid syrups in a dynamic environment capable of delivering solutions to any challenge. Our products are stable and have undergone a testing at lab and clinical degrees to prove their efficacy and stability.

Whether turnkey or tolling, it’s about trust. Our Specialised Liquid Manufacturing Process ensures you receive the best quality products possible and a superior customer experience, each time. From a very simple energy shooter in a conventionally-sized jar, to some custom formulation which necessitates line or equipment alterations, we offer flexibility with respect to process, product, size, amount, and distribution.

Small heap prototype blending as much as 500 Liters
Large heap liquid blending up to 2,000 Liters
High Shear mixing

4 Head Filling Line
Gravity and pressure filling capacities
Rotary and off-road filling capping capabilities (ROPP Cap locking)
Bottling ranges are 100 ml in stroke to 300 ml in double stroke

Pressure sensitive label application in Roll Form Labels 
Stereo Batch coding
Ink Jet Coding can also be available on request
Multi-pack station from 2 bit psychologist pack to 6 slice psychologist packs
Tape case sealing technology

No matter if you’re developing a brand new chemical entity or a first-to-market generic dosing and drug delivery is very important for success. Regulatory agencies and clinicians wish to see reliable doses with good bioavailability. Patients/consumers often favor a controlled release dosage form, with easy-to-use packaging and pleasant tasting consumption. Our medication developers increasingly focus to deliver on each these fronts and more, without compromising speed-to-market, so as to manage a prosperous manufacturing program. IHR's Contract Manufacturing abilities and services can extend your abilities, efficiency and achieve to end consumer in a more hassle-free manner.