At IHR, we make sure that the new or exisiting Franchisees are updated about newly launched products and are provided all the support material and training for excellence in a clinical setting. 

We make sure that the message is sent across from IHR Headquarters to entire chain down the line so that the information regarding a product and its application reached the end patient properly and the patient is able to get results as promised by IHR. 

We hold training sessions at IHR Headquarters in Baddi, in Chandigarh and also through online video Conferencing via ZOOM or WHATSAPP VIDEO where we hold one-to-one sessions with the new franchisee and explain him the following things : 

1) Product Knowledge and Herbs Knowledge

2) Application of the product and how can doctors use it. 

3) Strategies to sell IHR's Reputed products.

4) How to increase business and generate more leads

5) How to use Visual Aids and Marketing Materials

6) How to Use new techniques of Social Media to generate more leads. 

7) How to use online tools to manage your inventory and build better accounting practices

8) How to use online websites to build online sales through Shopify. 

9) New concepts about Dropshipping and much more. 

Join our Franchise Network to learn more and start your new Business. Be an Entrepreneur and build your life and business. Dont be dependant on companies to give you jobs. Give Job to yourself and make a life out of your business. 

Start Small. Grow Bigger.