At IHR, we offer Comprehensive Branding and Marketing Services for your newly launched product.

The herbal & ayurvedic manufacturer, Indian Herbal Remedies do more than just produce medicines and supplements; we provide expert marketing services to help our customer-partners create a successful brand of medicines and supplements. We work with our customers to develop custom-branded lines of private label supplements that are specifically designed to succeed in the competitive medical and nutraceutical industry. We are proud to provide the business-to-consumer interface our customers need for successful brand recognition and assurance.

Our marketing experts will help you build your brand with custom-designed packages, labels, logos, product inserts, and pamphlets, as well as assist you with proper distribution and product positioning. The marketing team will work hand-in-hand with our chemists to create safe and effective supplements for private label manufacturing. From product formulation and testing, to packaging and labeling, we provide the turnkey services you need to become successful in the medical and nutraceutical market.

Indian Herbal Remedies works with our customer-partners to build or create their brand with custom-designed labels, logos, product inserts, pamphlets, and other marketing collateral. We will work with you to build your identity and grow your brand recognition, expanding your share of the nutraceutical market.

As full-service nutritional supplement manufacturers, we can assist you in creating and marketing safe and effective private label vitamin products, such as:

  • Herbal medicines (capsules, syrup, creams, oils, shampoos)
  • Multivitamins
  • Sport supplements
  • Dietary supplements
  • Detox and weight loss supplements
  • Men’s sexual enhancement supplements

While our manufacturing abilities cover nearly any type of nutraceutical, we’ll develop a marketing strategy specific to the line of supplements you are interested in distributing. Our commitment to our customer-partners’ success in the nutraceutical industry is the foundation of our business as herbal and nutritional supplement manufacturers.