Wellsleep is a Propritary Ayurvedic medicine which acts as a natural sleep inducer. It is one of the best selling PCD Products in the herbal category. It helps to alleviate anxiety, calms the nerves and induces deep natural sleep.

Composition :
Ext. Valerian wallichii (Tagar), Ext. Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha), Ext. Nordostachys jatamansi (Jatamansi), Ext. Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi), Ext. Rauwolfia serpentina (Sarpgandha), Ext. Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi), Myristica fragrans (Jaiphal),Dextrin, Aerosil, Methyl Paraben Sodium I.P., Propyl Paraben Sodium I.P.


Benefits of Wellsleep Capsule :
1. Wellsleep capsule helps brain to calm down and relieves the stress. It also helps to induce sleep by providing rest to the brain.
2. Wellsleep capsule improves memory by significantly facilitated the retention of learnt task as a good retention of memory for longer period.
3. Wellsleep capsule also reduce Blood Pressure and Anxiety.

Indication :

1. Sleep Aid
2. Insomnia
3. Restlessnes
4. Anxiety Neurosis
5. Mild Hypertension

Dosage :

1 to 2 capsule at bed time with water or as directed by the physician.

Presentation :

Blister pack of 10×3 capsules in box.