About Piles or Hemorrhoids:

Piles or Hemorrhoids are enlarged blood vessels in the lower two inches of the rectum, or in severe cases protrude through the anus to the outside. Piles do not happen overnight but these are cumulative effects from consumption of processed foods, high sugar content foods, spicy foods, red meats, dairy products, alcohol, and of course junk foods.

What symptoms can be associated with hemorrhoids?


The main symptoms of piles are Bleeding from the anus and the blood is bright red and not mixed with stools. The other symptoms of piles are swelling and irritation in or around the rectum.

What are treatment options of Piles / Hemorrhoids?

Pileswell Capsules are non-surgical option for treatment of 1st and 2nd Degree Piles, which relieve pain and swelling, control bleeding, help to shrink the pile mass.

How long does PILESWELL Capsule take to work?

Unlike topical cream or ointment, which offers only temporary relief, Pileswell Capsule is a fast and effective formulation prepared from of all natural ingredients, which have been researched and proven to eliminate both internal and external piles. Most people who used this product experienced immediate relief from Bleeding and discomfort of Piles /Hemorrhoids followed by immediate reduction in swelling.

How does PILESWELL Capsule works?

Pileswell shrink PILES MASS that cause bleeding from Hemorrhoids and very quickly stop bleeding from Piles. Pileswell Capsules provides immediate relief of Symptoms. It controls bleeding in three to four doses. In some cases additional laxative (Isabgol Husk or Powder û 2 Table spoon full) are also recommended at bed time. Pileswell Capsules help in maintaining healthy digestive functions and easy evacuation.

Is there any additional advice about diet?

Have high-fiber foods like green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grain cereals (eg. wheat, barley, oats, corn, rice etc). Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Establish regular bowel habits and avoid constipation. Avoid spicy food, alcohol, coffee and tea, red meat, dairy products, citrus juices, spicy and greasy foods which irritate and aggravate piles. Try to reduce weight if you are obese, with regular exercise and diet control. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing positions as it puts pressure on the anorectal region. Wear loose-fitting clothing and undergarments made from natural materials such as cotton.

Suggested use:

Initially: Take 2 capsules twice a day with water for 6 – 8 Weeks.
After control of symptom: 2 Capsule at bedtime for 3 – 4 Months.


Plastic Bottle of 24 Capsules