Dylith is a Propritary Ayurvedic medicine which acts as a Natural Kidney Stone Remover. It is one of the best selling PCD Products in the herbal category. It helps to dissolve kidney stone within 72 hours of consumption.

Composition :
Crataeva nurvula (Varun), Berginia ligulata (Pashanbhed), Achyranthes aspera (Apamarg kshaar), Boerrhavia diffusa (Punarnava kshaar), Raphanus sativus (Mooli kshaar), Hordeum vulgare (Yav kshaar), Tribulus trestris (Gokhru kshaar), Dolicos biflorus (Kulthi).


Benefits of Dylith Capsule :

1. Dylith Capsule induces dissolution of urinary stones within 72 hours and help in excretion of dissolved particles (sand or dust) through natural passage.
2. Dylith Capsule relieves pain, which is one of major symptoms of urinary stone.
3. Dylith Capsule controls associated Infections in Urinary Tract (UTI)
4. Dylith Capsule improves the tonicity of Urinary bladder and exerts diuretics and anti inflammatory effect.

Indications :
1. Kidney Stones less than 10mm (1cm)
2. Ureteric Stones
3. Crystalluria associated with pain and blood in urine
4. Burning micturition

Dosage :
1 capsule three times a day after meals with water or as directed by the physician.

Precautions :
The severe pain associated with Kidney Stone or Ureteric Stone should be controlled with either Hot Fomentation for 30 Minutes or with Anti-spasmodics. If there is severe infection associated with Kidney Stone or Ureteric Stone then appropriate antibiotics should be recommended by physician along with Dylith Capsules.

Dietary Regimen :
Drink plenty of fluids (8-10 glasses of water per day). Avoid Calcium rich food and food supplements. Also avoid dairy products, tomato, spinach, rice, chocolate in diet.

Presentation :
Plastic Bottle of 30 capsules.