Amlacid is a Propritary Ayurvedic medicine which acts as a Natural Acidity Reducer. It is one of the best selling PCD Products in the herbal category. It helps at times of Gas and Indigestion discomforts.

Composition :
Kamdudharas, Glycerrhiza glabra (Mulethi), Amalki rasayan, Sarjji kashaar.
Processed in Triphala (A.P.I.), Boerhavia diffusa (Punarnava), Cocus nucifera (Nariyal Jal), Hedychium spacatium (Kapur Kachari), Cuminum cyminum (Jeera).


Benefit of Amlacid Capsule :
1. Active ingredients Amlaki Rasayan, Yashtimadhu, Kamdudharas and Sarjika Kashaar with rapid acid neutralizing properties have been blended together. It also helps to check acid eruption, gastritis, flatulence and aphthous ulcers.
2. Amlacid capsule helps to heal the bruised stomach and oesophagus caused due to high production of Acid in stomach.
3. Amlacid capsule helps to provide relief from burning pain and other symptoms of Acid Reflux.
4. Amlacid capsule is useful in Hyper Acidity, Dyspesia, indigestion, Gas trouble and gastric pain.

Indications :
1. Gastritis
2. Heart Burn
3. Hyperacidity

Dosage :
1 capsule twice or thrice a day, after meals with water or as directed by the physician.

Precautions :
Avoid Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Fried and Spicy Food, Chilies, Fast Foods, Citric Fruits.

Presentation :

Blister pack of 10×3 capsules in box.