CEO: Harish Verma
Headquarters: Baddi, Himachal Pradesh
Sector: Health Care Supplies
Established in : 1989
Ayurveda, also known as the herb of longevity is a traditional Indian medicine now widely used across the globe.  Indian Herbal Remedies has been catering to all your herbal needs and requirements since 1989, providing quality results through our highest quality products. A thriving drug trade, the products are produced by extraction, fractionation, purification, concentration and other biological processes.  80% of the population rely on herbal products for some kind of primary healthcare. One of the safest self-help or self-care medications Indian Herbal Remedies provides a balanced approach to healing saving you from the expenses on huge counter-drugs.
Why Ayurveda? :  Ayurveda follows a holistic approach, the pivot of which is the unification of a healthy mind, body, and, spirit. Instead of treating diseases, it treats patients. It is time tested and has been in use since the past 5000 years  and has been recognised by the World Health Organisation.
What makes us Unique?: Our core competence is ethical herbal formulations, ensuring the highest quality products from the Hills of The North- Himachal Pradesh!
PCD: Ayurvedic Pharma Fanchise
Indian FMCG market has witness a big transformation in terms of changed product share and market share of long existing multinational brand. Indian Herbal remedies also deals with third party manufacturing, i.e they sell all Ayurvedic and herbal products under their own brand name and make their own quality formulations to be manufactured in their own manufacturing unit making them one of the reputed third party manufacturers. Indian Herbal remedies hold Government sanctioned certificates and license to provide pure and optimum quality products.
Our products
Pain relief:
Detoxifiers: Boswoflam Plus Capsules

  • Triphala
  • Curcumin
  • Amla
  • Tulsi

Immunity enhancers: Hi-immune, Guduchi Capsules
Vitality enhancers: Goldvit
 Stomach cleansers:  Amlacid,
Sleep enhancers: Well Sleep
Women’s health: HemUrja Syrup
Men’s health: Potanza, Wellprost, Ashwagandha
Bone Health: Osteoarth
Respiratory disorders: Kafrina Syrup
Diabetes: Diabetter Plus, Karela Capsules
Kidney: Dylith Plus Syrup
Memory and Brain: Brahmi
Mind: Livoasis

Medicine uses:

Hi-Immune: Effective in treating influenza, respiratory infections, and, building immunity.
Dylith Plus: Effective in dissolving kidney and Ureteric stones within 72 hrs
Amlacid: Effective in reducing acidity, gas, and, indigestion
Goldvit: Effective in immunity build up and fatigue
Pileswell: Your complete pile remedy. Stops bleeding, reduces pain and burning, and prevents haemorrhoids.
Osteoarth: Effective in curing osteoarthritis, cervical Spondylosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and, Joint pains
HemUrja: Useful or effective in treating leucorrhoea, pelvic inflammatory diseases, vaginitis, female infertility, uterine bleeding, and, menstrual irregularities
Diabetter Plus: Helps in balancing blood sugar levels
Livoasis DS Syrup: Commonly used for the treatment of anxiety, angina, alopecia
Ashwagandha: Commonly used to treat depression, anxiety, reduction of brain cell degeneration,  immunity, and enhancement of sexual potency in both men and women
Curcumin: Prevents dementia, anti-infammatory, anti-cancer, antioxidant and protects the liver
Triphala: For a healthy gut and immunity
Guduchi: Enhancement of immune system, controls cholesterol and blood sugar level, prevents chronic skin disorders, prevents hepatitis, jaundice, cold, and flu
Tulsi: Acts as an antibiotic, antiviral, antibacterial, relieves stress, strengthens immunity, facilitates digestion and alleviates respiratory infections
Amla: Balances digestive fire, rich source of vitamin C, promotes healthy skin, hair, and, nails. Boosts immunity and supports healthy metabolism, cleansing of the system and absorption of calcium
Brahmi Capsules: Stengthens memory and intellect, reduces stress and anxiety, increases focus and concentration, prevents alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson, and increases white and red blood cells
Arjun Capsules: A complete cure for all heart ailments, strengthens and tones heart muscles and promotes healthy functioning of the heart.
Neem Capsules: Promotes a healthy gut, enhances complexion,boosts immunity, anti-bacterial, and enhances clear breathing and respiration
Karela Capsules: Anti-diabetic , blood purifier, cures hangovers, cleanses the liver, boosts the immune system, and, cures skin disorders such as acne, skin infections, fungal diseases, psoriasis, and, itching.

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