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Ayurvedic Manufacturing


Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company Indian Herbal Remedies produces Quality ayurvedic medicines and herbal supplements in State of the Art GMP Facility.

Indian Herbal Remedies is a leading ayurvedic manufacturing company that provides herbal products to companies all over India for private label marketing and pcd distribution. As a GMP certified and Indian-FDA registered herbal medicine and herbal supplement maker, we are committed to producing safe and effective herbal medicines, herbal supplements, multivitamins and various other herbal products.

All of our products are manufactured in our State-Of-Art GMP manufacturing facilities, which house an inventory of nearly 1,000 raw materials and advanced equipment available in the industry today. Our equipment allows us to produce high quantities of herbal products while maintaining strict levels of herb quality, purity, and conformity. We achieve this through innovative methods of supplement manufacturing, as well as thorough testing of both raw materials and finished products.

Below is a brief summary of our production process:

1. Customer’s herbal supplement formulation is first approved by Government bodies.
2. Raw materials are weighed, tested, and verified.
3. Materials are assigned to a blender specifically designated for that product.
4. Each material is added in a prescribed sequence and mixed in a rotator.
5. The final product is analyzed by batch to ensure that it meets our exacting standards.
6. Capsules are packed in the assigned packaging (blister, strip or bottle).
7. Finished products are kept in our storage facility till transportation.
8. Finished product is sent to our clients via assigned transport.

Please see our working guidelines and the way we work to deliver the best to our customers. Click here.

As a full-service ayurvedic & herbal supplement manufacturer, we are able to produce formulations in powder and capsule form. In addition to manufacturing supplement products, we can appropriately package and label them on-site, and offer a variety of packaging options.